Standalone FLARM Dongle Edition


  • Works independently to become visible on other Flarm displays.
  • Sends your aircraft’s position to the following devices:
    • Flarm,
    • OGN Tracker,
    • PilotWare,
    • Stytraxx,
    • SoftRF.
  • just plug this device into a USB port and power up. That’s all.
  • Multifunctional IoT-based Flarm.
  • Ideally for gliders and paragliders.
  • 2-way raw data bridge between 868/915 MHz radio band and Wi-Fi.
  • Pressure altitude sensor included.
  • Calculates pressure altitude and rate of climb.
  • Does not rely on inaccurate GPS altitude.

It is recommended to submit Stratux to OGN (Open Glider Network) Device DataBase.

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