assembled plug & play ready AHRS + Altitude Sensor Boards for Stratux Flarm

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Too lazy or unsure how to solder and connect additional sensors such as MPU9250, MPU9255 or GY-BMP280 to your Stratux FLARM?

In this case this product will meet your needs: We solder the entire sensor board mount to the AHRS sensor and to a header socket so you can simply plug it to your Raspberry PI’s GPIOs.


  • assembled sensor board mount.
  • AHRS sensor for Backup Attitude support (Attitude Heading Reference System)
    • Standard Sensor GY-91 – MPU9250, or
    • latest Sensor Generation MPU9255
  • Barometric pressure sensor GY-BMP280 (for Pressure Altitude).
  • GPIO stacking header.
  • Pins to power your Raspberry PI‘s Fan with constantly either 3.3V or 5V
  • Fits into smaller cases which officially do not support additional sensors.

Please select if you want to purchase

  1. sideway direction (v2.1) or forward direction (v3) of the sensor.
  2. GY-91 (MPU9250 + BMP280) or newest generation (MPU9255BMP280)

Please order this product if you need a Pressure Altitude Sensor (BMP280) only.


This product is a fully assembled and tested AHRS and barometric pressure altitude sensor.

This board does not contain a fan control, because the transistor used for the control increases the antenna noise. When using this board you have the option to connect the fan permanently to either 3.3V or 5V.

Sensor Direction

sideway direction (v2.1), forward direction (v3)

Sensor Type

standard – GY-91 (MPU9250), newest – GY-MPU9255