Assemble and modify your Stratux or OpenVario flight computer right.

Build your own Stratux Flarm – view our comprehensive DIY component list, or
Upgrade your current Stratux with AHRS or barometric pressure sensor, even when you use a case which does not officially support this, due to space reasons.

Feature of upgraded Stratux or OpenVario flight computer:

  • 1090MHz ADS-B ES (IN)
  • Mode S/C (IN)
  • Flarm, (I/O)
  • Open Glider Network (OGN), (I/O)
  • OGN Drones, (I/O)
  • PilotAware (PAW), (I/O)
  • Flying ad-hoc Networks (FANET), (I/O)

I/O = receives and sends; IN = receives only.

How Stratux works

You already use a Stratux? Upgrade it with additional Sensors!

  • Our developed and optimized circuit boards (PCB) enable proper connection to any additional sensor e.g. GY-91 – MPU9250/ MPU9255 for AHRS functionality, or GY-BMP280 for barometric pressure (altitude), since the official Stratux AHRS module is no longer available.
  • Add Flarm in/ out to become visible for gliders and be able to see them on your tablet, to aviod collision. Available for both, Stratux and OpenVario.


  • Stratux and OpenVario are not an approved or certified aid for flight execution.
  • Therefore, Stratux or OpenVario do not relieve the pilot potential traffic in air space.
  • This software and hardware are provided “as is” and with no express or implied guarantee.
  • Under no circumstanced can the owner of this website be held liable for any damage or other claims that may arise from the use of this software and hardware.