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How to flash a softRF TTGO T-Motion from LilyGo?

This section provides step by step instructions on how to properly flash the softRF TTGO T-Motion from LilyGo - so you can use it as a standalone softRF Dongle or extending your existing Stratux anti collision system to send our aircraft's position to other receivers.

Please note that the T-Motion does not come with WIFI or Bluetooth. You must use the serial port to flash the firmware.
Instructions below are provided “as is” with no express or implied guarantee.

  1. Choose tool to flash and update firmware:
    1. Option 1: (preferred) - useSTM32CubeProgrammer to flash another firmware to softRF (T-Motion)
    2. Option 2: (legacy) - first update USB driver to make device findable for DfuSe. Then use DfuSe and flash another firmware to softRF (T-Motion)
  2. Configure and select transmitting protocol for softRF (T-Motion)