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V3.1 – smaller sized and optimized Stratux AHRS sensor board fits US cases

15,50  – 20,00 

  • Latest release! πŸ†•
  • Listened to your feedback: this size optimized board is now smaller compared to previous boards and fits for US Stratux cases
  • Provides pins to connect up to two fans.
  • Mounted ‘AHRS-forward’ direction.
  • Optimized to mount Stratux on top of the glare shield. (can be changed inΒ Stratux Web Interface).
  • Sensor board flipped upside down to protect for dust.
  • Space optimized circuit board.
  • Fits into cases which officially do not support additional sensors.
  • Professionally connect AHRS (ICM-20948, GY-91 -MPU9250, or MPU9255) and/ or pressure altitude sensor (BMP280) to Raspberry PI GPIO header pins.

Board Type

Plain Board, pre-soldered Board


Dross:Aviation, Stratux