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Standard Stratux with ADS-B + AHRS + Pressure Sensor + FLARM (IN)

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  • Receives (RX) – EU version:
    • ADS-L
    • 1090MHz ADS-B ES, and
    • FLARM traffic, and
    • Open Glider Network (OGN), and
    • OGN Drones, and
    • PilotAware (PAW), and
    • Flying ad-hoc Networks (FANET) for Paragliders
  • Receives (RX) – US version:
    • 1090MHz ADS-B ES, and
    • 978MHz UAT
  • Backup Attitude sensor included – (AHRS – Attitude Heading Reference System).
  • Barometer sensor included – (for Pressure Altitude).
  • Calculates pressure altitude and rate of climb.
  • Does not rely on inaccurate GPS altitude.
  • Integrated GPS mouse + includes a female SMA socket for connecting an additional external GPS mouse.
  • Has physical safe shut-down switch not to rely on Stratux interface to trigger shut down command.
  • Connection: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, optional: Serial
  • includes:

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