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Stratux first time set-up instructions

Use these instructions to learn how to use your Stratux and get it up and running quickly

How to use

  • 868/1090MHz antennas should be placed vertically (orthogonal to the horizon)
  • GPS antenna should have clear view to the sky. Testing on the ground, e.g. in a car might result in less satellite reception. Also please keep in mind that reception in a car equals a faraday cage.
    Therefore, you have to put your Stratux somewhere outside so that you get a GPS fix. Then leave it there for 30min so that the full sat constellation can be received and stored on the GPS which enhances the TTF (time-to-fix) next time.
  • Connect Stratux to a power bank by using a micro USB-B cable
  • In case Stratux is connected to the electrical system of the aircraft: Stratux should be treated like a radio: first start the engine, then turn on Stratux. To shut down switch off Stratux first, then your aircraft's engine - this helps to avoid voltage peaks.
  • It will boot-up automatically and create a WIFI network, named “stratux”
  • Connect your smartphone/ tablet with this network

Access Stratux Web Interface

  • Open the chrome browser and type the following IP address in the URL bar: or download the Stratux Manager App for Android.
  • You can set the AHRS sensor orientation under the “settings
  • Now open your navigation app such as VFRnav, SkyDeamon or ForeFlight and chose Stratux/ GDL90 protocol to receive data from Stratux

Shutdown Stratux

  • Since Stratux firmware version 1.6r1-eu026 (Sept. 4th 2021) the physical "shut down switch" is no longer required and therefore deprecated; you can now cut the power directly without any damage of the firmware/ SD card.
  • The partition is now mounted to read-only, and therefore cannot write anything on the RAM.
  • If you want to modify Stratux firmware (we do not provide any warranty in case of damage), you must disable the "persistent logging", by following those steps

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