How to calibrate NooElec Nano 2 SDRs to 868MHz?

This section explains mandatory steps to properly utilize a 978MHz NooElec Nano 2(+) SDR for 868MHz, to be able to receive Flarm/ OGN/ PilotAware/ Fanet or any other protocol for your Stratux anti-collision system.

Video in German

  • 12:50 Configure Nooelec Nano 2 (+)
  • 13:46 Configuration of the 1st SDR (1090 Mhz)
  • 15:07 Configuration of the 2nd SDR (change from 978 MHz to 868 MHz)

How to PPM calibrate NooElec Nano 2(+) SDRs for the usage of 868MHz

  1. use Putty and login to your Stratux via SSH: (ssh [email protected]), password is "raspberry"
  2. # enter Stratux's root directory
    sudo -s
  3. # stop Stratux
    #get inventory of SDRs
  4. check SDRs serial number, usually displayed as "Serial number: str:978:0"
    check the device ID - here: "0", where 0 is to be replaced with the respective ID
  5. change frequency by entering the below and choosing the SDRs device ID:
    rtl_eeprom -d 0 -s stx:868:0
  6. press "y" to confirm overwriting the new serial number
How to calibrate NooElec Nano 2 SDRs to 868MHz?
How to calibrate NooElec Nano 2 SDRs to 868MHz?

Check, if calibration to 868MHz was successful

  1. shutdown Stratux and power up again
  2. follow 1. from above
  3. type in:
  4. now you should see your SDR with the new serial ID
  5. type in the below to enable Stratux firmware again:

If you use a NooElec Nano 2+ or NooElec Nano 3, then you are done. If you use a Nano 2 only, please follow below sources to PPM calibrate in addition.