Case with 2 Fans for Stratux Flarm ADS-B Receiver (AHRS supported)


  • Originally fits for AHRS sensor.
  • Circuit Boards recommended to professionally mount pressure sensor (BMP 280) or AHRS sensor (GY-91 MPU9250/ MPU9255).
  • Made of fire retardant material.
  • Dual fan configuration for better cooling of both Raspberry Pi and ADS-B receivers.
  • Includes cooling fan and the case and mounting accessories. Multiple antenna holes allow more flexible antenna position and better portability. Raspberry Pi Not Included.
  • The case has a standard tripod/suction cup mounting nuts for convenient mounting. Also compatible with Gopro mounting system.
  • It includes all ports for power cable, external GPS antenna etc. Included spacers and velcro strap are for mounting power bank on the case.
  • Has enough room to fit internal GPS module, ADS-B receivers, and AHRS module.