Download all ‘MagPi’ magazine editions for free

By 27. December 2020March 15th, 2021Raspberry PI, Tech

Download all Raspberry PI reladed magazines for free:

  • MagPI,
  • HackSpace,
  • Wireframe,

In November 2019 Germany’s tech magazine ‘’ published an article to exclusively download 16 selected editions of the famous Raspberry PI magazine, called MagPi, for free!

After downloading all editions of the magazine in PDF format, I accidently figured out, there is a link to manually download all versions including the latest version:

  1. open the following links
    1. or
    2. or
  2. the very first version should be downloaded automatically
  3. now replace the highlighted number in the url with the version you want to download (currently till issue 89)
  4. happy read!
Download all 'MagPi' magazine editions for free